It’s your day! Enjoy the gracious ambience of Grosvenor Lodge where it is just you, your family and friends for the day.

We were just married June 4th at Grosvenor and we were overjoyed! The staff were forgiving of our schedules and helped us out in every way they could. The guests all loved the atmosphere the lodge has. What a great day and a great experience. Thanks to you Grosvenor Lodge for being a part of such a wonderful memory!!

– Christine Smith-Wright

What we offer:

Plan your ceremony, photographs, and reception all in one location.

The lodge has a capacity of 50 people for a sit down dinner and 100 for a cocktail style reception.

Tables and Chairs: on site amenities include 60 white folding chairs and 10 six foot rectangular tables.

Our friendly and helpful concierge is on site all day for your event.

Easily accessible, free parking at the door.

Special occasion liquor license is arranged by the caterer.

Professional service.

We would love to have you visit us.
Please call 519-645-2845 to arrange for a personal tour!caterers-announcementmp



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