Welcome to Grosvenor Lodge

Grosvenor Lodge is a city owned, self sustained historic estate. It is a home and centre for non-profit heritage environmental groups.

It is now the London Regional Centre for Heritage and the Environment. The LARCHE is administered by the Heritage London Foundation, a non profit corporation supporting heritage and environmental conservation. In addition to Grosvenor Lodge, HLF also operates the Elsie Perrin Williams Estate, another historic London property, as a reception centre.

Grosvenor Lodge was built in 1853 by Samuel Peters. The Lodge was the Peter’s family home for three generations, until grand daughter Leila’s death in 1974.

In 1992 a coalition of heritage and environmental groups, under the sponsorship of Heritage London Foundation, proposed, and entered into an agreement with the City, to operate Grosvenor Lodge as a public centre.


A cooperative community endeavour promoting heritage and environmental activities and organizations in the London area.


To promote significant historical or natural sites

To promote community action towards a sustainable future

To help integrate heritage and environmental action by collecting and organizing resources

To maintain a facility where members and the public can meet and use resources

To provide a supportive forum for concerned individuals to come together and share information, ideas and solutions

To promote community stewardship in a spirit of sharing and cooperation


Information on built heritage and environmental issues and events.
A network of pertinent individuals and organization of special events for members and public.
A support for community initiatives involving heritage or the environment.
A home and support base for member organizations.


Offers research and action oriented resources to member organizations, schools and London area citizens with an interest in heritage and the environment. Books, journals, AV material, vertical files and electronic networks supply information on local and global issues and organizations, services and upcoming activities.